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The World needs new players at Local, National and Global levels. InterConsult21 - 18 November 2008

Across Global Business 2 Business in the News: New Language to the World

The balance between Local / National Regulation and Global Deregulation emerges the need for visibility and transparency Across Global Business 2 Business.

Witter Walwyn in the News: Warning - Facts and Info

In Globalization Era, No one should use the power of the Internet to abuse others and be left alone.  facts about Witter  Walwyn

InterConsult21 in the News

Holy Greetings to all the Arabic and Muslim Countries and Muslim people around the World and best wishes for Ramadan 2008

InterConsult21 and GLOOOBI in the News. Global Business-2-Business.

InterConsult21 introduces its GLObal cOmpany wOrld BusIness-2-Business for small, medium and big Companies and Organizations. (September 26, 2008 GLOOOBI.)

InterConsult21 in the News - World Class Business that increases Marketing and Visibility.

InterConsult21 (Local National Global Integrated Business 2 Business) Expanding Pilot Countries from 4 to 25.

Cochlear Implant in the News: Technology and Human Factor.

Technology and Human insight are Critical for Cochlear Implant.

The secret of turning a Child from a Deaf World to the Hearing World lies in applying the Cochlear Implant technology at the early years of kindergarten.

Fuglereden Kindergarten in Assens - Denmark supported our Child and now he is preparing himself to attend one of the famous Ordinary School. Thanks to the leadership of Vagn de Roche, the warm and caring of Lena Funck, Karen Bach and Inge-Lis Bielefeldt and the future leader of StrandMoelleskolen Anders Storebjerg, our child is equipped with good start in the hearing World.


!! Save a life Today !!
The drug used to be sold in USA but later banned when attorneys could prove its link to HIV virus and Aids disease. Eventually it was stopped in USA but still being sold to France , Spain , Japan , Latin America and other countries in Asia and Middle East.

Many children with hemophilia died using this product and their infected relatives as well. WATCH the CNBC TV interview.

Globalization in the News. Globalization Turns the World Visible.

Globalization and the oil wealth experienced by some countries are encouraging nations and individuals to seek the best formula to manage their national wealth and assets.  How can we create sustainable prosperity for more of the population, and within the current financial market architecture. SESSION 3  - Monday 25th February 2008. Jeddah Economic Forum


Africa in the News. National and Moral interests of the United States of America.

"My trip here is a way to remind future presidents and future Congresses that it is in the national interest and in the moral interests of the United States of America to help people," Bush said. AP via Yahoo!

Global Warming.

"Tipping point" on horizon for Greenland ice
OSLO (Reuters) - Global warming this century could trigger a runaway thaw of Greenland's ice sheet and other abrupt shifts such as a dieback of the Amazon rainforest, scientists said on Monday.  Full Article